Stay Ahead of the Game: The Advantages of HRMS in the ITES Industry

  • A group of enterprises in the IT-enabled services (ITES) industry encountered various HR management issues. Manual HR activities such as personnel data management, attendance monitoring, leave management, and performance reviews became time-consuming and inefficient as the workforce grew. The organizations recognized the need for a more streamlined and effective method of managing HR operations across all of its subsidiaries.

The ITES sector is primarily reliant on its staff, which is usually huge and distributed across numerous locations. Effective human resource management is critical for the success of ITES firms since it affects staff productivity, retention, and overall organizational efficiency.


The group of enterprises experienced various hurdles prior to implementing an HR management system (HRMS), including:

  • 1. Manual HR processes: HR staff spend a substantial amount of time and effort manually handling employee data, attendance, leaves, and performance reviews.
  • 2. Disparate HR systems: Each firm in the group employed a distinct HR system, resulting in data silos and discrepancies.
  • 3. Employees lacked insight into their HR-related information, including attendance, leave balances, and performance assessments, due to manual HR procedures and heterogeneous HR platforms.

To address these issues, the group of companies implemented Stratemis HRMS solution. The following features were included in the HRMS solution::

  • 1. Centralized employee data management: The HRMS offers a centralized platform for managing employee data across all organizations, decreasing redundancies and inconsistencies.
  • 2. Automated attendance and leave management: The HRMS automates attendance and leave management, saving HR personnel time and effort.
  • 3. Performance management: The HRMS improved the performance review process by giving managers a consolidated platform to track and offer comments on employee performance.
  • 4. Employee self-service portal: The HRMS included an employee self-service portal through which employees could access HR-related information such as attendance records, leave balances, and performance assessments.

The implementation of HRMS has resulted in several advantages for businesses in the ITES sector, such as

  • 1. Enhanced efficiency: The HRMS simplified HR operations, requiring less time and effort to manage HR-related duties.
  • 2. Data accuracy has improved: The HRMS has decreased the possibility of mistakes in HR-related data, assuring data correctness and uniformity across all firms.
  • 3. Increased openness and accountability: The employee self-service portal gave employees better insight into their HR-related information, improving transparency and accountability.
  • 4. Compliance is improved since the HRMS automates compliance with labor rules and regulations, lowering the risk of noncompliance.


In conclusion, with the ITES industry’s ever-growing workforce, efficient HR management has become critical for organizational success. Using an HRMS can assist ITES organizations in streamlining their HR operations and improving overall HR management, resulting in higher efficiency and accuracy, improved compliance, and more insight into HR-related information.

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